The Oldest Funiculars Of Lisbon

In Lisbon as a part of the municipal transport there are three funiculars (Lavra, Gloria and Bica) and one lift - Santa Justa. The oldest one is Lavra (Ascensor do Lavra) has been working since 19th, April,1884.

Lift Santa Justa (Elevador de Santa Justa) has been opened since 10th, July, 1902 and connects a street (below) with a square (on top). It connects the low-lying district Baisha and the upper district Bairu Altu (Largo do Carmo - Rua do Ouro).

The author of the project is Raul Mesnier de Ponsard who is said to be a pupil of Gustav Eiffel.
The elevator construction is made of cast iron, its facades are decorated in neogothic style. Its height is 45 m, height between the connected levels - 32m.
The elevator is intended for two lifts. Initially they had moved by a steam engine, but since 1907 they have been powered by electric motors. The cabins are decorated with wood and mirror panels inside.  Each lift's capacity is 19 sitting and 10 standing rooms. While lifting only 20 passangers may enter the lift and while going down - 15.
Santa Justa is used by both local citizens and tourists.

Funicular Gloria (Ascensor da Gloria) opened in October, 24th,1885 and became the second of such kind. It connects Praca dos Restauradores and Bairro Alto.

Lavra — the first funicalar in the world, opened in April 19th, 1884. Its route goes from Largo da Anunciada square to Torel district.
At the moment it is being reconstructed.

And funicular Bica (Ascensor da Bica) goes from Rua Sao Paulo (Rua Duarte Belo) to district Largo deCalhariz. It was opened in June, 28th, 1892 and can be proudly called the brightest in the city. 

Going up and down by any of the funicular costs 3 EURO.

In 2002 all these objects were admitted to be the national monuments.


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