Shangai Represented Like a Detailed Scale Model

Probably the world’s largest scale model of a city is this one of Shangai, and is to be found in the Shangai Urban Planning Museum on the third floor. Shangai is China’s most populated city, and one of the country’s most important cities, also known as the “Pars of the East”. It serves as cultural, commercial, financial and industrial center of China, and is one of the busiest ports in the world, and it’s only growing bigger and bigger.
shanghai model 1
The model that has been built covers over 100 square meters and is actually a vision of what Shangai will look like in year 2020. The detailed work is really something to check out if you’re ever visiting this busy city. Another fun object that you can find in China is the Water World resort in Songjiang.
shanghai model 2

shanghai model 3
shanghai model 4
shanghai model 5


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