Places To Relax In New York

There are dozens of fantastic cities across the globe; all offering something different for visitors to enjoy, but they all have one thing in common as well. That aspect is that they are very tiring to negotiate! With so many people, activities, places to visit and things to do, just a few hours spent in a major city like New York can at times prove very tiring.
That’s why it’s good to know that there are places where you can kick back and relax. If you love a spot of shopping for example, New York has plenty to offer – but you’ll want to rest your feet at some stage. So, where can you go to tuck into an alfresco lunch in New York City?
3. Central Park
The most famous location of all has to be Central Park – located in Manhattan, running parallel to the Hudson River. There are plenty of quiet areas of the park to enjoy some down time; you can even go ice skating during the winter, and wander around the Central Park Zoo when the weather is nice.
central park
Perhaps the most relaxing spot in this particular park is Strawberry Fields. It is known as a Garden of Peace; therefore you won’t find any cyclists or skaters using this area to navigate their way through the park. It is purely and simply an oasis from the liveliness of the rest of the city.
2. Prospect Park
prospect parkProspect Park is somewhat smaller than Central Park, but it serves a similar purpose. This park nestles in the centre of Brooklyn, providing a forest, wildlife and much more besides for the casual visitor to enjoy.
1. The Botanical Garden on Staten Island
But aside from these two well known sights, there are also plenty of other lesser known spots that are equally green and leafy. They may not be as big, but you would be surprised to learn that there are many other quiet places in New York that offer a taste of the countryside. Take the Botanical Garden on Staten Island, for example. Here there is plenty to appreciate and enjoy, including the Chinese Scholar’s Garden – beautiful in both name and views.
staten island botanic gardensYou can find a myriad of other smaller places to enjoy during your stay as well. For example, underneath Brooklyn Bridge there is a small leafy area that softens the overall look; you just have to be alert to spot these treats when you are close by. Source.


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