Awesome Photomontages Without Photoshop

Today almost no one gets impressed by photomontages, and we can all thank Photoshop for that. A lot of people can already use that photo program and it is just not so shocking to see a montage anymore unless it looks super realistic. But something that is impressing are these photomontages were made and published in 1979 by Tsunehisa Kumura who surprised everyone at that time and is still surprising today because Photoshop didn’t exist back then. It really is weird how he managed to create those montages, especially the huge mass of water falling down on city buildings.
tsunehisa kumura 1
tsunehisa kumura 2
tsunehisa kumura 3
The Japanese artist gets inspiration from urban settings, buildings and constructions in a mix with natural phenomena, and it can surely be seen in his works. The set of his photomontages is called Visual Scandals. Another illustrator has made photomontages of superheroes and old World War II photos, but he used Photoshop.


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