Amazing Ghost-like Long Exposure Photographs

A lot of cameras have the long-exposure function that captures movement in a picture over a small period of time, and they are known as hard-to-shoot photos. But what about a three year long exposure period? A German artist and also photographer, named Michael Wesely, has found out how to make photos with that long exposure. He was really interested in the urban construction projects in Berlin in 1997, so he used a self-built unique pinhole camera to capture the development.
long expositure photo 1
On one occasion he left the shutter open for 34 months. It sound unbelievable but these photographs are the outcome of the long-exposure shots he made. It gives a ghost-like appearance to the pictures, almost like they have a story to tell. In each shot you can spot how the time has passed – truly incredible. He has also done long-exposure shots of how flowers fade. More photos of Berlin but in a different way are these ones that are captured after the end of WW II.
long expositure 2

long expositure 3
long expositure 4
long expositure 5
long expositure 6
long expositure 7
long expositure 8


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