Pink Snails Invasion

Plazza Scala, a town in the fashion capital of Italy, Milan is invaded with a group of cutely made twelve overgrown pink snails. It is a beautiful symbolic representation to the fact that “speed is not always a virtue” in this much fast-paced world as things in this world are fast-developing while the brighter side of life is ignored somewhere.
pink snails 1
pink snails 2

Created by the Italian Cracking Art group, these wonderful plastic displays are shaped to make people realize the importance of the happenings around them rather than being indifferent to the city’s happenings. Milan’s culture counselor, Mr. Finazzer Flory has candidly expressed that the people need to rediscover the experience of the city life while slightly skipping their daily routines which keep them busy.
pink snails 3
pink snails 4
These amusing pink snails will periodically move around the city towards Palazzo Reale and then to central train station in January. After some international trips to Amman, Tel Aviv and Chicago, they will return to Milan as a part of 120-snail army, in 2015.


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