Human Towers in Catalonia

These amazing human towers developed throughout Catalonia, but it is popular all over Spain. The performers are called castellers and they have strict rules about how to put up a human tower. They even have special names and positions to be perfectly accurate when they climb up, and there are usually men that creates the base.
human tower 1
The person who climbs all the way to the top is called the “enxaneta”, and their job is to hold up four fingers to give a signal that the human tower is done, and they say that the fingers are representing the four stripes on the Catalan flag. Of course it has happened that the castellers lose their grip and fall, sometimes the whole tower falls apart if something goes wrong, but there is always so many people on the ground that they don’t hurt themselves so much if they fall, and they always make the children castellers wear helmets. Something that can remind of the human towers are the human architecture in New York.
human tower 2

human tower 3
human tower 4
human tower 6
human tower 7
human tower 8
human tower 9
human tower 10
human tower 11
human tower 12
human tower 13
human tower 14
human tower 15


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