Definitive New York Landmarks

The Big Apple, otherwise called as The City That Never Sleeps is one of the major international centers for politics, finance, music, communication, fashion and culture with numerous museums and sights that give this city its true cosmopolitan nature.
New york sight seeing has very much to offer as there is very much to see for all holidaymakers wishing to experience both the cultural and historical charm of this great city.
To briefly summarize the most definitive New York City sights and landmarks, we have gathered those considered a must for every visitor.
The Empire State Building was once the tallest building in the US. It is a prominant landmark in New York City`s famous fifth avenue.
Carnegie Hall is a historical landmark, which hosted centuries worth of top performers and musicians. Inside you will know more of all the famous people who have once stayed there.
Chrysler Building is of Art Deco architecture as it is also one of the most magnificent buildings in the world as its lobby provides an extraordinary panoramic view of New York sights.
Cathedral of St. John The Divine is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world having the most beautiful stained glass windows and Gothic Architecture never seen before, not even in Europe.
Times Square, also called The Crossroads of the World is another must visit iconic attraction that you are not likely to miss out while on trip. Times Square has been highly commercialized today as it is full of tourists and visitors and it is full of theaters, hotels and restaurants.
Central Park has a beautiful greenery and lakes and it is very popular with outdoor goers. The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Central Park Zoo is a must see sight for visitors.
Last but not least, the Statue of Liberty. For $10 a ferry departs from Battery Park every 25 minutes and stops at both Liberty and Ellis Island, where people can experience an outstanding view of the Statue.
Times Square Panorama Definitive New York Landmarks

Statue of Liberty 7 Definitive New York Landmarks

NYC Montage 12 by Jleon Definitive New York Landmarks
Empire State Building from the Top of the Rock Definitive New York Landmarks
Chrysler Building by David Shankbone Retouched Definitive New York Landmarks
Cathedral of St. John Definitive New York Landmarks
Carnegie Hall NYC Definitive New York Landmarks
800px Southwest corner of Central Park looking east NYC Definitive New York Landmarks
720px Centralpark fg01 Definitive New York Landmarks


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