Florida Summer Break Destinations

When people think of a premier summer break location their mind often ventures to the beaches of Florida, and with good reason. The climate provides a perfect break from colder conditions experienced throughout the United States. The getaway provides a much needed break from college studies or a family work schedule.
Daytona Beach
This destination is not just for NASCAR fans. Twenty three miles of beach provide the neutral zone between
the ocean and the city. This zone is perfect for guests to meet others while enjoying hotel pricing designed to accommodate the college student’s budget.
Dancing, swimming, sun bathing and nightlife draw the crowds and develop the memories at Daytona Beach.
Premier attractions await guests in Orlando. From Universal Studios to Disneyworld – from Wet’n Wild to Sea World this town provides the beach and then some.
Orlando has proven to be a great summer break destination for one of the greatest choices in activity during your college holiday. This city is also popular with families who want the most opportunity during a summer holiday.
Located on the ‘Gulf’ side of Florida this city boasts some of the most pristine and spectacular beaches in Florida. While they may not have as many overall people visiting as other larger cities this may actually be the primary draw of a summer break in Clearwater.
clearwater florida 1 Florida Summer Break DestinationsThe location of attractions in nearby Tampa may allow this to be a destination that actually offers more relaxation when needed while still providing an exceptional summer break atmosphere and experience.
Multiple nearby islands make this as much an adventure as a break from your regular schedule.
This smaller Florida city offers the perfect destination for family summer breaks. Expressing less tolerance for “college students behaving badly” this destination provides its greatest welcome for families. While there are college students who travel to Sarasota the atmosphere is more family oriented and relaxing than other summer break destinations in Florida.
That being said we realize the above description will provide the positive tipping point for booking time on the coast in Sarasota for many.
This city provides a bold welcome to college students who want to visit the beaches of Florida for summer break vacation. Thousands of college students from across the U.S. make their way to South Beach in Miami for entertainment, nightlife and the ability to meet new people.
If you want to tour the Everglades or other natural destinations this is also available during summer break with lodging accommodations designed to fit almost any budget.

By :  Marc Rasmussen


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