Beautiful Bavarian Town of Nordlingen Built in a Meteorite Crater

If you come by near the town of Nordlingen which is located in Bavaria, Germany, you will probably be surprised with the placement of it’s streets and buildings.
nordlingen 1
As you can see from photos, the main part of this interesting Bavarian town is ‘designed’ to look like a circle. But, that is not without the reason and the cause for that is even more exciting than the very look of of the town.
nordlingen 2

nordlingen 3
This little town which has about 20.000 residents is located in a huge meteorite crater. Scientists concluded that the crater was formed about 14,5 million years ago when pretty big meteorite collided with Earth. However, the town is not older than hundred years.
nordlingen 4
nordlingen 5
I like much the idea about building the town in meteor crater, it is definitely cool place for such thing and I believe this place could became pretty popular amongst tourists in future.
nordlingen 6
nordlingen 7
There is also one additional advantage of living in this place, I guess. The fact that meteor hit here once in past gives a pretty small chances for another one to hit exactly there icon smile but, still, you never know…
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