Life In Morocco Desert

Morocco is such a beautiful place with rich heritage that you are transported to other time just when you step in. Located at the northern tip of the African continent it is separated by the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert, from the other countries in Africa. You can witness climate related to Mediterranean which itself sets it apart from other countries in Africa. With such a climate you doubt whether you are in Africa when you are in Morocco.

Beautiful Morocco Desert

Beautiful Morocco Desert
It is sure that your senses get overloaded with the scents and the sounds in Morocco with stunning views of the landscape. For those who love mountains there are many such from the Rif to the Middle and High Atlas. Trekking in the quiet mountain trails is a good experience with the fields of flowers and the Berber villages coming in between. After this trial you suddenly see mud brick and earth and the setting sun in blood red color. With that you realize the presence of the Sahara desert which is a sea of sand.
The Sahara is an ideal place if you want to spend some time in solitude and Morocco is the destination you have to go for that.
Morocco Desert  Life In Morocco Desert

Morocco Desert 1 Life In Morocco Desert
Morocco Desert 2 Life In Morocco Desert
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Morocco Desert 5 Life In Morocco Desert


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