New York – The Big Apple While It Sleeps

New York – best known as “the city that never sleeps”. Does it ever sleep, and how would that look? A crew of photographers from the Wall Street Journal was sent out to take pictures of New York sleeping, and it was not impossible. They managed to capture some great shots by working at the most quite hours of the night. The skilled photographers even succeeded in taking a peaceful shot of Times Square that is known as maybe the most crowded place in New York.
new york night 1
Some other pictures show parks and avenues with no people; even the Grand Central Terminal is pretty empty. It is really hard to believe that the photos are real, and it looks a bit spooky, almost like a bunch of zombies have invaded New York. If you like New York you can take a look at these amazing but not so modern vintage photos of the big apple.
new york night 2

new york night 3
new york night 4
new york night 5
new york night 6
new york night 7
new york night 8
new york night 9
new york night 10
new york night 11
new york night 12


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