The Nazi Bunker Museum

This museum is definitely different from all those Ermitages and Louvres you've seen... Why? Because it's located in the giant underground bunker that was built by the Nazi in 1943-1944 for storage, preparation and launch of the V2 missiles - the secret weapons, with which Hitler was going to destroy London and turn the course of the war.
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The bunker itself was used only for storage and preparation place, launch of the
missiles was made outside. They were transported along the railway tunnel driven inside the rock.

Before enetering the museum you are given special Sennheiser earphones with a thermal-detector helping you to hear special audio tracks for some exhibits in the language you prefer. Though even without them, the museum won't make you bored.

There is a big variety of interesting expositions: from tunnels construction in the rocks to the lists of those war prisoners who died while the construction.

All the walls have the original appearance of the bunker of the time when it was not the museum yet.

By the way the temperature inside was 10C while outside is was 25C.

Many devices for visitors safety.

Diesel generator looks quite artificial.

But this part looks like true.

The museum is still being built, but one may go along the corridors today anyway

Arrow signs lead a visitor to the centre of the bunker. About 25 m over your head is that dome you saw in the beginning. Under the dome there is a strong acoustic system playing the sounds of moving missiles. Nearby - the video presentation showing the structure of the bunker.

Modern elevator will lift you up.

Wanna some extreme? Don't use the elevator... The stairs will lead you to working space.

Under the dome is the museum where one may find much information about missiles and French opposition.

Technique is quite good. There is a 3D TV set that can be watched without glasses. This is a big table with a sensor multitouch display that allows to see various maps.

Aerial camera over the table that shows the shots.

V2 missile engine, the TV set explains the principles of its work.

The similar engine that was destructed while bombing of the bunker.

Some graphics and calculations for V2 missiles, don't try it at home...

One of the museum symbols - gas-powered Citroen Traction.
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