Modern And Old Jbeil, the City of Lebanon

In the north from Beirut there is a wonderful city called Jbeil that was known even in Ancient Greece.
Compared to other ancient cities this one has never been left by its citizens. Seems to be great, right? But that was a reason why this ancient city hasn't been preserved, only ruins have remained. While famous Machu-Picchu, once abandoned by all people, now has more or less initial ancient appearance, Jbeil, in its turn, by one its part is hidden in various cultural remains, by another - inhabited and restored.

Ready for Xmas

The old city full of life

Buildings far from the old city

The ancient part is still being excavated.

The castle of crusaders dated the XII century

An old building on the territory of the historical complex

Lebanon is very picturesque due to its beneficial position - beautiful night clouds over the sea in the weak rays of sunsets. Such a pleasure just to fish, photograph, walk....

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