The Museum of Fire Protection In Berlin

The Berlin fire fighting service was founded in 1851. Today more than 4 000 fire men and more than 900 units of equipment fight fires in the German capital saving lives of people. Last year the rescue service number 112 was dialed more than 350 thousand times (about 1000 calls a day). 80% of them were addressed to the emergency and ambulance, 11% of false calls and 2%  - fire alarms.

The museum is located in one of the fire fighting departments.

The third floor is totally for expositions. The dark stairway leading to the museum is made like a block of flats in the semi-burnt house. Honestly, the feelings here are a bit creepy: everything around is black, charred, firehoses stretched, and even a relevant smell! The effect of presence is guaranteed!

The similar decorations are inside too. Even sounds!

In various theme halls a visitor knows various facts about the history of the fire protection service, its development...

...about the equipment...

A Berlin fireman of May, 1945.

Street alarms of different years.

In the center of emergency call service 112.

"Dear Citizens! In prevention of a fire, don't forget to turn electrical appliances off!" 

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