The LEGO Museum: Come Back To Childhood

The LEGO Museum is a wonderful place for both children and adults. A huge quantity of colorful toys would definitely delight your children and make you feel like in childhood again.

The museum is located in Prague, in the very center of the city, and works daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The entrance fee is 130 CZK for children and 200 CZK for adults.

The LEGO Company was founded in Denmark in 1932. Its original specialization - production of stepladders and ironing boards. And only later they started producing their first wooden toys.

The word "LEGO" appeared in 1934, from the expression "leg godt" which means "play well". The original name of the product was "Automatic Binding Bricks".

Since its introduction in 1949, LEGO bricks in all their versions are compatible with each other. For example, the bricks created in 1963 can still be joined to the bricks released in 2010 (despite the radical changes in their design and shape).

The first hall of the museum exhibits the city completely built of bricks. LEGO-cleaners collect LEGO-garbage, LEGO-police catch LEGO-criminals, a LEGO-airport takes LEGO-flights.

Someone breeds LEGO-pigs.

Someone drives a LEGO-tractor.

Instructions for assembly attached to each model appeared only in 1963.

All the LEGO bricks are produced with extreme accuracy which lets us join them together without any efforts. Besides, after joining they must be tightly fastened with each other.
To ensure these conditions they are produced with an accuracy of 2 microns, and this is VERY small (1 micron = 0.000.001 of a metre).

Airplane "Red Baron".

The logo that everybody is now so familiar with - 4 white letters against the red background - appeared in 1973.

Since 1991 (the beginning of the era of computer video games) the LEGO company has incurred losses for 11 years. And only the release of new robotic sets could fix the situation.

This operating railroad has a remote control. Another railroad once built by LEGO was 545 m in height and thus was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The first figures of men with movable hands and legs appeared in 1978.

The collection of the museum belongs to a 37-year-old Czech who has already been collecting LEGO models for a very long time. But the idea of creating of the museum came to his mind not very long time ago. This man was so mad about his collection and museum that he was nearly dropped by his wife.

A cool police truck and a motorcycle.

Some happy astronauts.

One of the plants producing 35-40% of all products of the company (over a million of bricks) is located in the Czech town of Kladno.

The company name has become so synonymous with its series of toys that many people now use the word "Lego" or "Legos" meaning plastic building bricks, or even any plastic constructors similar to Lego. However, the company does not approve such a generalization. Its catalogs issued in the 1970-1980s showed their concerns about this problem.

Medieval rowing.

In 2000, the British Association of toy sellers called LEGO bricks the most important toy of the 20th century.

The largest exhibit of the museum is a model of the Taj Mahal. Almost 6000 bricks.

This model of Tower Bridge has been collected for 12 hours.

A huge spaceship from the Star Wars takes the second place. This is one of the coolest exhibits.

The box dated 1958.

If you are going to visit this museum you must know that it's extremely dangerous to take children with yourself as they are more likely to start screaming "I want this car (train, plane)!" when they see all this beauty. Fortunately, there is a shop right in the museum building.
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