Tulip Fields of Gosen

It is not the first time we enjoy tulip fields of the world: we've been to Skegit Valley and Keukenhof flower park of Holland. But not only Holland can show awesome flower fields: today it's Japan to impress us!
Our destination is Gosen, the place not far from Niigata.

On the way to the farm.
Right at the station of Gosen you may rent a bicycle for 500 yens and ride for some hours.

Some people come with pets.

The colors of the tulips have so many tones! From such...

To such...

Narcissi grow here too.

Fantastic seas of tulips.

"Fly away"

On the area of 3 hectares they grow 1 500 000 tulips.

The wind is very strong here, but the flowers don't break!

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