Keukenhof Flower Park

Keukenhof is the biggest park of bulbous flowers in the world that is located near Lisse city in South Holland province, between Amsterdam and the Hague. On the area of 32 hectares there grow various tulips, irises, narcissi, amaryllises, roses, orchids etc. Probably it's one of the most photographed places in the world.
The name of the park is originated from the words keuken ("cuisine") and hof ("yard, park, garden"). The fact is that in the XV century the present park was a part of hunting land, where Jacoba's servants were picking herbals for cooking, hence the name.

At the entry visitors are welcomed by women in traditional dresses, they offer boolets and maps of the park.

Many visitors come with cameras. The park is an ideal place for those who want to learn how to photograph flowers. All they should have - time and patience. The only disadvantage of Keukenhof - many flowers are in the shades of trees and there's no much sense in shooting them.

Pavilions for flower exhibitions are rather impressive too. Here all three space dimensions are used.

One of the prize-winners

Colorful tulips fields are best to be seen in April

In Keukenhof there is a mill built in 1892, it is listed among the historical monuments of the Netherlands. 

Danger sign warns about the danger from above. Indeed being a victim under the mill blades isn't very pleasant.

Klomps and tulips are popular souvenirs.

Creative benches in the park.

Season of tulips is over and the flowers are mowed like ordinary wheat.

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