"Russian" Chinese Village

  "Russian Village" is a Chinese - Russian park of national traditions that is situated in the western district of the Chinese city Heihe of Heilongjiang province, on the southern bank of the Amur river, opposite the Russian city Blagoveshchensk.
This fake village was created as the setting for the Chinese series "The Dawns Here Are Quiet"  shot over the same-name story of Boris Vasilyev.   The serial was made in the Amursky region of Russia and the neighboring city of China - Heihe. 
It should be noticed that the Chinese adore Soviet films and famous Chinese singers like to sing translated songs of the former USSR.
Director Mao Weining made his own version of the favourite Soviet film in China - "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" . When the film was over the enterprising Chinsese made a park where everyone can see himself the place of series shooting and enjoy walking in the tiny streets of "the Russian Village". 

By skillful Chinese hands there was built a village, Orthodox church.
Pile of birch logs in front of the house with a wooden chimney.

The birch fence, blue sky and sunflowers everywhere - that's the Chinese image of "Russian village". 

The park is rather popular among Chinese tourists. Maybe visitors may get quite a misrepresented impression about the mode of life during the WWII, but don't forget it's not a museum, but a park created from decor. So simply enjoy being here, in the fairy-tale village.

Chinese woman playing the psaltery flute

Pretty local guards

Some of the houses are real, others - imitation made of log pieces. The budget of the series made up 10 millions yuans, 1 million yuans was spent for the village construction. 

Construction of the village

Main parts in the serial were given to Russian actors. In fact, when Russian people see this film they admit it's hard to believe that it hasn't been made in Russia.
Funny, but Russian actors had to "work" with the Chinese director. They had to convince him that Russian villagers had never eaten with china spoons, and Germans had never drunk vodka straight from the bottle. They remember smiling: "According to the Chinese scenario Soviet soldiers had to fight in wushu style aganst the fascists..."


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