Awesome Catholic Church All In White

Church Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan was built in the seveteenth century and it is still one of the main sights of Munich. The most striking thing is that all the interior inside the church is white. All columns, cornices, statues etc. are white. And the interior of this Catholic church is certainly different from the Orthodox one.

The church from above.

And from below.

Let us get inside. Statues under the main dome.

Stutues of popes.

Under the windows the angels hold the arms.

Statues amaze with splendour and details.

Have you seen more beautiful columns?

The ceiling
The next 4 photos: views at 4 different sides if standing under the dome:

Views at the altar

View backwards

View to the left from the altar

View to the right from the altar

Benches for congregation

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