All For a Leather Shoe

Do you like to sport a new jacket made of python leather or impressively put a glamorous bag of zebra leather on a table? If you do, you are a potential client of the Momo factory. What is special about this leather factory among the others? Here you may  come right to the shop and be capricious right among the working sewing machines. Here you may do whatever you want. If you pay...

In the scorching air dozens of sewing machines are roaring.

Each square cm is occupied. No smoke breaks - hard-to-please customers aren't often ready to wait for an ordered thing more than 2 days.

And the terms are observed. Today you are measured, the day after tomorrow - you may take you order.

Unpretentious warehouse. On the face of it it seems chaos is ruling here, appears not. Beauty is not the primary thing, more important to be able to find a needed piece of leather shortly. 

Like it or not?

Maybe something like this?

No air conditioners, the rooms are blown by dozens of fans and draft.

Ready goods.

The equipment is old, but it's compensated by high skills of the workers.

Do you want a bag made of this python?

Or maybe shoes made of this one?

By the moment you read this, these eyes have closed forever.

And the reptile's skin just contributed to the collection of these workpieces.

All colors of the rainbow.

Someone works smiling.

Others retire into themselves.

"Yeah, boss, i'm almost done!"

The stock is replenished everyday.

And quickly consumed.

A shift lasts almost 16 hours. 16 hours in one and the same pose and only one entertainment: stretching out a numb leg, sitting on another one where blood circulation has just reactivated.

Measuring a foot of some Cinderella-to-be who's gonna wear a python leather shoe.

"Honey, maybe from this one?"

The store at the factory, where rows of shoes run afar.

Lots of jackets.

A penny saved is a penny earned.
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