Lesson In a Cambodian School

Now we are going to an ordinary village school to see how works the educational system in the poorest country of Southeast Asia.

Each society starts from a school desk so it's always interesting to visit a class at school of some definite country.
"SIT International School" in Kampong Cham village, Cambodia is a private school with advanced study of English and computer technologies. This school stops working only for two months in summer. State education is free in the country, but in this private school it costs 10-12 USD per month.

Officially legacy rate among adults of the country is 70%. At this school children of neighbouring villages study. Lessons start at 8 a.m. After-school club also works - where children do homework or get additional classes.

These desks are small for three pupils but still they sit and study ...

Poster on the wall

This school also has advanced study of IT. Here's a computer classroom. The Internet is available only in the teacher's common room. 

Staff organogram

Another classroom

Faces of the party hang in each classroom.

For Europeans this map seems unconventionally oriented where Asia is in the centre. 

Class all together.

Kids playing a popular in Asia game - stones tossing.
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