Meersburg - Back to the Old Times

Germany is one of few countries where remained the places with live antiquity. And it is absolutely precious. Germany has Nikolai Viertel, Bremen has Schnoor, but a little German town Meersburg with population of 5.5 thousand - antiquity is everywhere.

Meersburg from German means "castle (town) on a lake". And it's called so not without purpose - it's better to go there by vessel or boat. Cars and buses are also possible, but no railway leads there.

Near the pier is an old watermill - the main sight of the town.

Going to the castle guarded by this porter.

The castle itself.

That castle is comparatively new, but there is another one here - the old castle.

View of the town

A cute lady who probably embodies the German beauty.

Museum of the castle

The old town and its streets

Probably the most charming place of the town - Vorburggasse.

Other streets are cute too and look rather well despite the fact they were built hundreds years ago...

Another view of the castle

Going down

And to the sea...

and the embankment...

and the pier again...

Near the pier planted with grapes there are two buildings.

Gutsschänke Staatsweingut Meersburg - the state weingut of Meersburg with wonderful wine and Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium - the gymnasium with an uncompromising Bentley-like advertising.

Das Gymnasium mit den besten Aussichten - the gymnasium with best views. Bodensee - a fantastic place.

Farewell, Meersburg!
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