Mainau - A Unique Island of Flowers

Mainau, the island of flowers, is a unique private nature park. On a small territory is a great variety of plants, but it is mostly famous for its flowers. As it's known, spring is a perfect time to plunge into the world of beauty even if the weather is not good.
Mainau is a pearl of Boden See, it has an area of 45 hectares and belongs to the Bernadotte family.

This flower changes from season to season.

Glasshouse with cacti

Plane trees

Tulip kingdom

Palace in bloom

Organ in a church makes wonderful sounds.

Behind the palace is a greenhouse where are a lot of tropical plants and even parrots.

Romantic place behind the palace


Path to an Italian waterfall

The Italian waterfall itself, all in flowers.

View at the Swedish tower

Fountain with birdhouses

A little farm with cows and ponies. At the gates is a sign asking NOT to feed the animals with sugar. If one does, nothing bad will happen, but there are thousands of visitors... Instead one may buy special feed there, 20 cents for a portion.

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