Funenpark Block In Amsterdam

The former industrial district, situated not far from the center of Amsterdam near the main line, became the most important architectural and constructional event of 2005.  In the very center of the city, near the narrow canals of Amsterdam there appeared Funen block where new offices and dwelling houses were built. The author of the idea - Frits Van Dongen, the partner in Architekten Cie company. He was inspired by traditional closed urban blocks and open settlements in Germany as well as English "garden-cities". Bringing their country spirit right to the center of Amsterdam is quite an original idea and that's it: the houses around the central park sink in greenery. To protect this treasure from encroachments of the civilization, Van Dogen designed the building that stretches along the railway and fully close Funen from it. 

On the territory of Funen there are 312 cottages, the office zone - 3 000 m2, underground parking space for 235 cars, shops and restaurants. The complex occupies 3,5 hectares. The construction process was finished some years ago.

When the apartments only started to be sold, for 68-137 m2 in the new block cost 207 000-306 000 euros accordingly.

All the houses in the block are different.

Walking on the lawns is not forbidden.

The house protecting the block from the railway.

In Holland 30% of housing habitation is given for social programs and is free. Usually it is occupied by emigrants. By the way, in Amsterdam it's hard to meet districts divided according to an ethnical sign, that is why people who come here for decent life, assimilate fast.

Apartments on the first floor have a direct exit outside.

No fences, access is free. Nobody hides.

Inside of the block there are no roads, they are located underground, it gives a feeling of protection and privacy being in the city.

It's hard to believe it is the center of Amsterdam and around is the former industrial zone.

Big lawn on the roof.

The building is cut into two parts.

Though it is not easy to find doors...

No cars here, so people use bicycles or go on foot.


The colorful glass surface of Funen complex with the area of more than 5000 m2 is its "trademark".

This house was built some years ago, in 5 years it will be fully green.

Net for plants

The first floors are occupied by offices.
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