Beautiful Genoa In Spring

How wonderful Genoa in spring is? Let us see.

Boccadasse - a local Riviera and simply paradise.

While flying in a plane

Main world Genoese who opened America to the world.

There are no many hotels and hostels in the city, but a room fr two can be rented for 50 euros.

De Ferrari Square is the main in the city

Medieval gate

Cathedral Chapel of San Giovanni

Many palaces are painted

Biosphere in the port of Genoa, one tickets costs 5 euros, inside are birds, butterflies and mini-tropics.

Decoration from "Pirates" movie, Gucci, LV, DG are sold nearby

View from the roof of one museum

Real barber for 15 euros

Main transport in the city

Rebus: find your scooter

Colombo's house

Old fishing district

The sea and the sun and you wanna live in one of these houses...

Lighthouse is closed in weekends

At night in the port are a lot of restaurants and great deal of fresh sea food.
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