Akko - the Old Israel City

Akko (Hebrew: עכו‎ — Akko, Arabic: عكا‎‎ — Akka, European languages: Acre, St. Jean d’Acre) — a city in Western Galilee (Israel), situated 18km north from Haifa, on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Part of the wall and the old tower

A monument to the underground prisoners

Carmel mountain in the horizon

Local obsession - jumping from the fortress.

The city is considered to be one of the world sights and is listed among the UNESCO world heritage cities.

Akko is one of the Israel cities whose history has been lasted non-stop for more than 4000 years. It was situated at the crossing of international trade routes, that is why it has always been the center of the history, center of many cultures and a strategic place for war campaigns.

The population is 50 000 where:

    * 67,1 % — Jews
    * 25,3 % — Moslemin Arabs
    * 2,4 % — Christian Arabs
    * 0,2 % — Druzes
    * 5 % — others


In 1918 English troops of a general Allenby fought against Turks and soon occupied the city within the British mandate for Palestine. The city was turned into the administrative center of the Northern district. The Englishmen made a prison in a Turkish fortress where they kept Jewish political prisoners. In 1947 27 prisoners were set free, 9 people died, 5 were captured by the Englishmen. According to the plan of Palestine division Akko had to become a part of the Arab state, however in 1948 it was occupied by the Jewish army and approximately 8 of 12 thousand Arabs who lived there escaped to the neighbouring Arab countries. 

Cannon of "Turkish" time

Fish sale

Tabacco for a hookah

Tasty coffee is sold here

Humus Said is one of the most famous in Israel


The old port of Akko
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