The White Olvera - Cosy And Clean

Spanish Olvera scatters many white little houses among the hills and mountains, all in olive groves, winter cress and sunflowers. Seems like a huge baby has been playing with a white construction set and to finish it up he stuck a fortress and a church into the completed pyramid...

Places around are very picturesque and photogenic.

On the way the relief often changes. The white spot at the background is Olvera.

All the streets lead to the tops of two mountains. There is an Arab castle on one of them, it was built in the XII-XIII centuries. The construction represents a fortified fortress for prolonged defence. Its neighbour is a two-towered Church of the Incarnation of Our Lady erected in 1843, however later burnt out, and restored only in 2004. 

The white wall will never remain a plain white wall in Spain. Flower pot is a favourite decoration here.

Litter is left at the door, a garbage collector takes it from there.

Buildings have been built at the angle of 30 degrees to the ground. It's a joke, of course.

Who is the best at decorating of a rear view mirror?

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