Views of Verona City From the Lamberti Tower

In this post we'll show you beautiful views that open over the city if we climb Lamberti tower.

Let's go upstairs to the top of the Lamberti tower. In 1403 the tower was hit by a lightning that destroyed its upper part. It was recostructed only in the second half of the century and it made the tower higher than it used to be. Today it's 84 m high what makes it to be the highest building in Verona. The parts of various construction stages are seen at the exterior due to different materials used in different epochs. Lower part - bricks and tufaceous blocks, higher - only bricks and marble on the top. The big clock were hung on the tower in 1779.

There is also an elevator to go up.

Lower are a lot of pictures to make an impression of the city.

Toy roofs

And what do you have on your roof?

The architecture of Verona is very beautiful.

It is the city on the hills so there are a lot fo trees around.

The Adige river

The tower had two bells: the first was striking time and notified about fires, and the sound of the bigger one collected people for meetings and informed about enemies coming.

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