Mosques Of Istanbul

The most beautiful architecture of Istanbul is represented by mosques. They are plain and inner decorations are so light...

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) is one of the most beautiful and famous.

Before entering the mosque one should make a complicated ritual washing and then pronounca a shahada (monotheism formula).

Then everyone should take their shoes off (the smell is relevant here), women cover heads.


Men and women never pray together.

Opposite Blue Mosque is another religious construction - Hagia Sophia Cathedral. Today it serves as a museum.

Mosaic with Christian images

Religions change traces

New Mosque. It had been built for long 68 years, cause it was interrupted by change of sultans. The new one preferred to build Blue Mosque first.

Topkapi Sarayi Palace, the place from where 25 sultans ruled the Ottoman Empire. The territory is huge: many museums, mosques, a harem.

The harem interiors

It is often written that women dreamt to find themselves in a harem, we wonder what they think about it?

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