In The Berlin Fire Department

We have already shown you the Museum of Fire Protection in Berlin, today it's turn of a fire department. This department wasn't randomly chosen, it was a special day when here was held an Open Doors Day. The firemen of so-called Siemens-stadt (near Spandau) arranged a real holiday for kids and adults.

The Berlin fire fighting service was founded in 1851. More than 4 thousand people and 900 vehicles struggle to rescue people in fires.

The expert is telling about various fire rescue vehicles, technical equipment even making people laugh...

It's amazing how carefully everything has been fixed.

Modern fire fighting vehicles of various modifications:

They are painted or pasted over with a special dayglo red color (German: Leuchtrot, RAL 3024).

Fire patrol also includes emergency service. This vehicle has a tomographic scanner and is used for "stroke calls".

Fire staircase 32 meters high

Kids were happy to get a chance of knowing this profession better.

Getting inside

The miniature country was found in one of the garages.

In another garage

Protective suits

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