Fascinating Process Of Making Strawberry Beer

  Nowadays, if you want to sell a product, you have to find a way how to stand out from the crowd of similar manufacturers. And what should companies do in this situation? There are two options. They can deposit an incredible amount of money and go broke. Or they can start cooperation with artists and creative people to see what they can do to help you grow your business.
Jamie Beck and Kevin Boer have just completed their latest project. This is the first journalist report made in a now popular genre of cinemagraphy, and it's all about the process of making strawberry beer. Of course, at first glance, this whole story looks like a fashionable custom advertising, but it's absolutely fascinating.
"With the help of cinemagraphy, we managed to capture the whole process of beer making, step by step, and we hope that you will have the illusion of complete immersion in this fascinating action," says Beck.

1. Two people take part in this process: the owner of "Dogfish", Bob, and a brewer, Sam. "The family farm in southern Delaware offers a wide selection of local fruits and vegetables that we use in our pub and brewery," says Sam. Bobby demonstrates how much their strawberries are ripe and sweet... "It's the main ingredient of our new beer, the brewing of which, by the way, is not as easy as it seems to be at first glance."

2. "We manually load a fruit press with more than 150 pounds of local
strawberries. This results in 5 barrels, or 150 liters of beer. Therefore, it comes out that a pound of fruit fresh makes a gallon of beer. "

3. "The fruit press is located in the parking lot near the brewery. Only two people can work with it at a time. Surprisingly, but the structure of fruit presses had not changed much since the time when I helped my father to make wine 30 years ago. We have already made beer of blueberries, currants, raspberries, raisins, oranges and lemons, but it seems to be the first time when we make strawberry beer. "

4. "Juicing is a tiring but interesting thing. It took us several hours to process all the fruit. The final juice was intensely scarlet like blood. Of course, we all got filthy from head to toe and all the surrounding landscape looked as if there had just been a bloody massacre."

5. "Strawberry is the main ingredient of the beer. Sorghum was chosen to be the second main ingredient. We managed to find sorghum syrup, which turned out really terrific - very dark, sweet and aromatic."

6. "We mixed sorghum with filtered water, stirred thoroughly, then filtered it one more time. Then added fresh strawberry juice. You can only imagine how the room smelled!"

7. "I thought a lot of those components which could be used with sorghum. In the end, we decided to choose strawberries. Besides, we put some honey in it which gives the beer an extra flavor."

8. "Then we let our mixture boil. A gas burner roars, beer gurgles and the smell of berries, honey and corn is in the air. An incredible feeling!"

9. "Like any other experimental product, at first, this beer will be served only in our brewery. It's most likely that later it will be available for the bulk of consumers. We decided to call it "Tweason'ale" - the beer created at the turn from spring to summer."
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