Croatia And Its Coastal Cities

  Croatia is well known for its beautiful coastal cities. Almost all of them are similar to each other. They have such common features as quays, churches, forts, castles, narrow winding streets among other beautiful things. Let's take a look at some of the few cities along the coastal strip of Croatia. 
Zadar - an interesting city. It has high walls, red-roofed houses. With pleasant sunny weather which is a heaven for the lazy. People are kind and ready to help at any given moment. Tourists are common in this city due to its beauty. The narrow streets are always full of people strolling and going about their daily businesses.

The castle there has a beautiful view. Rich in history from the long time ages.

Sibenik also has the characteristics of the classic coastal Croatian city. These four photos give the best description words can not express.

Trogir is another interesting place to be at. Especially during boat rides one gets to see the magic and charm the city gives. Whether day or night, the city gives the pleasure of a life time.

Split is another interesting spot. At the heart of the city is a train station that goes to Italy and Greece. In the Old Town there are also more interesting places to visit.

The Islamic Council of Split is one of the few Muslim spots in the majorly Christian Croatia.

One of the nice streets in the city.

And here is what it is known as.

One more narrow street in the city.

And finally here is Dubrovnik, in all seasons its overcrowded with tourists. Dubrovnik has one of the best lifestyles in Croatia. The old city still has inhabitants and tourists are always around this place. Most of them go to see the famous stone bridges. Even though the city is full of people there are still streets that are empty.

Such is a quiet street while the city center is full of people.

At the compounds people easily dry their clothes and through the narrow gates they can go to the sea and have a swim.

They even dry their apparels along the streets since there is no one to see them.

Right under the castle wall is a basket ball court.

At the same time tourist fill the main streets.

Dubrovnik is the most beautiful of the coastal cities of Croatia.


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