Ancient And Modern Tips Of Cologne

Have you ever been to Cologne, one of the oldest cities in Germany, which has played a considerable role in the European history since the Roman times?

First fortifications appeared here 5000 years ago whereas the first permanent
housing was dated as early as 38 B.C.

In 50 AD, Agrippina the Younger, wife of the Emperor Claudius, who was born in Cologne, asked for her home village to be elevated to the status of a colonia — a city under Roman law.

It's the largest cultural and economic center in Germany.

It has a plenty of architectural sights. However, almost 90% of them were restored and reconstructed after the World War II.

Many buildings were elevated after the war and are now adjacent to ancient constructions.

Some ancient buildings are decorated with rather controversial personages.

Modern building.

How do you like the modern house?

St. Martin Church is the second largest cathedral in Cologne.

Cologne Cathedral of St. Peter and Virgin Mary.

Railway station.

Inside the Cathedral.

Construction of the Cathedral started in 1248 and saw many durative breaks that lasted for centuries.

Its height is 157 meters. It was the highest building in the world in 1880-1884 and even now it occupies third position among the highest churches.

The taxi was hit by the tram.

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