Vietnamese Memento Mori

Vietnamese funerals resemble some merry celebration, people in the funeral train play the pipes and the drums, they carry some flags and bright cloths...

And on those cloths they carry American dollars for some reason.

And funeral wreaths bring you back to reality - the reason why all these people are here is not so joyful.

Incense smell can be felt in the air.

A person is throwing copies of American money and some leaflets out from the bus.

When the funeral train reached the cemetery the coffin is further carried on hands.

Mostly the Vietnamese are Buddhists and probably that is why death is not so tragic for them. But on the cemetery they look really sad.

A place on a Vietnamese cemetery costs about 1000 USD, and despite the fact it's a big sum, people always find it. Families are big and relatives help each other.

Cows like to walk along cemeteries.

The bufallo is not hungry already.

The owner of the animals doesn't waste time either.

It seems that they are burying the relative of the person who lies nearby. Here, in the north of Vietnam, people have a real shortage of earth, so sometimes 2-3 years after funerals the dead are dug out and cremated. Ashes are usually kept at home, on some a shelf. 
The lying-in-state lasts for about an hour. In the end they pour vodka on the grave and rice on the territory around.

The last who leave are close relatives, they wear white bandages on their heads.

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