Healing Waters of Karlovy Vary

The legend says: the king of Germany, Czech Republic, the emperor of the Roman Empire Karl IV went hunting after deer, partridge, pheasant, and anything else what could be found. One of his dogs fell into a pool with boiling hot water. When the suite heard the plaintive whining of the dog they could see a miracle: the dog was healed by the hot spring and stopped dragging its leg of what His Majesty was immediately informed. The dog's excrements were taken out of the pool and the king stepped into the water. It must be noticed that the king had pain in his leg too. After the hydrotherapeutic procedures the Emperor was healed from that pain in the leg, stomach, liver and bowels deseases. Since that time the spring was called wonder-working and in its place Carlsbad city was founded.
Much healing water has flowed since then. Today Karlovy Vary is a life-giving resort of Russia. Russian speech can be heard everywhere. To hear the Czech language is a luck here. Those who work in restaurants and stores speak Russian fluently. Menues and ads are in Russian too. As well as posters and signs. We are not sure if locals like it but we suspect that the locals are Russians too... 
And these Russians keep investing in property of Karlovy Vary, in this beautiful city with awesome architecture.
But let's go back to the healing waters themselves. They are taken perorally and by plunging into baths with life-giving liquid. All the springs are covered in order bad weather conditions do not spoil the cure.
Each spring has a sign with its name and water temperature information.

Galleries covering the springs

The most abundant is gushing out here. 2000 liters a minute gush out being heated to 70 degrees C. The boling hot water reaches the height of 12 meters.

Then the water is slowly cooled and with different temperature goes to such reservoirs where happens the healing process.  

Such jars for healing are sold here and there.

But let us also have a look at the architecture of Karlovy Vary.

The only "water" that can be kept for long without losing its healing properties. Spring #13.

Plague column was built to thank God for deliverance of the city from plague in 1713.

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