Kure - The City of Shipbuilders And Submariners

Kure is a Japanese city of shipbuilders and submariners and it's the place we are going to today.

It's possible to get to Kure by railway or ferry-boats.

Old game playing machines

Hiroshima not so far from here

Picturesque views on the way

Military ships start to appear

Kure city itself, houses seem to stand one on another.

Going to the military naval museum Yamato

The guy who meets you at the entrance

This ship gun, screw and the wheel of the sunk Japanese battleship are at the entrance too.

The museum is named after the biggest battleship of the WWII called "Yamato" that was built in Kure. The dimensions if the giant were 243 meters in length and 36 meters in width.
The ship was sunk by an afloat aircraft of the USA in April 7th, 1945 south from Kyushu island.

The museum has some expositions telling about the history of the shipbuilding in Kure.

During the Russo-Japanese war 1904-05 Japan got a Russian battleship "Pobeda" that went aground after being sunk.

Many models of ships

Things raised up from "Yamato"

Zero fighter. By the way, it was produced by "Mitsubishi" company.

It had three 13mm calibre machine guns aboard.

On the right you may see a special submarine, simply kamikaze.
The production started in 1945. Due to low speed the submarines of this type were planned to be used in operations against transport ships of allies but bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki changed all the plans.

Exposition for kids

And this is the Museum of self-defence marine forces. And what we see first is a diesel-electric submarine "Akisio SS-579" of "Yushio" type. All in all since 1976 to 1988 there were made 10 submarines of the type.

The first exposition is devoted to sea mines. Sea mines classification - on the picture above.

Mines of different countries and periods of time are represented fully.

Gadget for finding and destruction of mines.



Ready to enter the submarine?

Before entering we see an interesting exhibit. It's an American unmanned aircraft that had to find and destroy Soviet submarines. Discarded for frequent breakages and complicated maintenance.

Latrine in the submarine

Shower and wash basin

Tiny beds

Going to the captain's bridge

The captain's bridge is equipped with two periscopes.


The guy at the exit

Tired of museums you may have a walk along the city.

Local restaurant
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