Office In an English Castle

Modern air company, transporting more than 10 million passengers a year with an office in the castle of the 17th century - what can be more unusual? BMI Company has shown its head office for the first time!

BMI - the second largest air company in the international airport of Heathrow, it
appeared in 1938 under the name "Air Schoold Ltd." and specialized in training of British air forces pilots.

Let's enter.

Reception. For the long four centuries the castle had some owners. Here lived the English families, in the time of the1st World War it was turned into the prison, in the time of the Second World War here was a military garage that later became a camp for refugees. In 1976 Donington Hall bought British Midland Airways that finally was renamed to BMI and made its own headquarters here.



If you remember how old the castle is, you'll understand what these stairs are for.

A couple of centuries ago hunters cut prey here, today it's a workshop.

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