Education Center of the Netherlands

The Ministry of Education, Culture And Science of the Netherlands is located in the Hague - though it is strictly forbidden to photograph here, there is always someone who will go against the rules...

The creature in the hall of the Ministry

The interior of the corridors on the first floor: everything is very light, much wood and plants.

Recreation area for employees

Latest news maybe read here, at the table

Each morning the latest magazines and newspapers are brought here.

A little bar

There are no many partitions, everything is open. Employees sit in the open space, chiefs - in the separate offices.

Things hanging on the walls

Here one may get information how much energy, heat and water the building consumes. Everything is very simple. The staff set up records in economy.

Cafe with a splendid view

The Hague

Most of the employees come to work by bicycles like everywhere in Holland.

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