125th Anniversary of Kurfürstendamm Street in Berlin

Recently Berlin celebrated the 125th anniversary of the most famous streets of the city - Kurfürstendamm or Ku'damm as Berliners call it. It's hard to say how many hundreds of people came to celebrate but nobody was drunk.
For 2 hours along the street floated huge inflatable fishes, dragons and snakes that peeped in the windows of higher floors and bit the crowd. Everything was accomponied by loud music. By the end of the show one could lose the feeling of reality and get absorbed by the fairy tale around.

Each monster is controlled by two persons.

Everyone wanted to touch the fish when it went down.

Apart from the flying monsters, in the crowd there were running huge birds, crabs and seahorses.

Actors played very well

The crab was very naughty and continiously tried to grab someone's ass.

Sometimes the fishes and birds were lifted high in the ir.

The snake attacked the people trying to eat them.

A huge ball with a girl inside raised in the air.

The monsters were watching her and when she flew back they started biting each other.

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