Tanning Shops of Fez

The second after tourism main industry in Fez is leather industry. Though it may be even in the 1st place cause people had worked with leather long before tourism. There is some connection of course - leather goods are sold to whom? Tourists!
Tanning shops are one of the most famous places of Fez and the whole Morocco. Let's see how they work.

Everything starts from removing hair from leather.

Then the leather may be dyed. In the old city there are some ancient shops where leather is dyed like many centuries ago. One of such shops may be found near the mosque.

The shops most popular among tourists are located in the northern part of the old city, near the river.

They are the biggest as well.

In the first half of the day, so-called "rush-hours", tourists are not welcome to go downstairs. First of all it's not good to draw people away from their work. Secondly you may become a victim of numerous guys calling themselves guards, guides, helpers etc... or just simply requiring money from you in order you could go further. And thirdly - hardly you dream about going to a stinky and dirty place for the pleasure to see and photograph the process of leather dying.

Many people who have been to tanneries complain about an unbearable specific smell, some of them try to still it with various aromas applying them on noses.

Owners of stores arrange viewing points on roofs specially for tourists.

And the view from above is always better.

Each master has his own bath where he works.


After the dying leather is dried. So it can be seen everywhere. Many hills are covered with leather pieces.

And then the leather is sold at special markets.

Now the leather may be used for making various goods.

In one of the stores near the tanneries, the quality is rather high and prices depend on your ability to bargain.
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