It Is Not Boring In Berlin

Two events that were held in tolerant Berlin in August are covered in one post - the international festival of street theaters and mime "Berlin laughs" and the demostration for soft drugs legalization in Germany. Let us see how it was.

Let's start from the second event. In the German constitution there is article 8 that allows the citizens of Germany peacefully arrange meetings, demosrations and
parades. And the they use their rights despite the utopia and madness of the idea to legalize cannabis.

Posters with high-flown slogans.

Theme pedicabs

The brightest example of such events is the Netherlands, of course who are very decisive about soft drugs use.

The van of "Pirates" political party. At the election they even managed to overcome 5% barrier and become a part of the new government. They weren't taken seriously before but now they have big plans and probably legalization of hemp is one of them.

And let's go to another event...

Meme day is loved by kids

Kenyan guys

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