Omani Market Muttrah

Muttrah 1
Omani market Muttrah is one of the oldest in the capital of Oman - Muscat. Its distinctive feature is "traditional" interiors - narrow streets and labyrinths, small shops, "colonial" character of the sold goods. All possible souvenirs may be bought here: cheap and very expensive: knives, sandalwood goods, oils, gold, silver, labdanum etc.

Muttrah 2

Fastfood may be bought at the entrance

Muttrah 4

Muttrah 6

Muttrah 12

Muttrah 14

Muttrah 15

Muttrah 16

Muttrah 18
Why Thailand magnet is here?

Silver clutch bag

Muttrah 22

Muttrah 23

Muttrah 24

Muttrah 28

Muttrah 37
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