Seafood of Istanbul

Last time we visited the fish market of Athens, this time we'll see what fish is offered at the market of Istanbul (Kumkapi Balik Pazari).
You know that Istanbul is primarily the city of markets. They are really numerous here - some of them are tourists oriented, others are not. There is no such thing you cannot find at the markets.
And like in any seaside city there are many fish markets in Istanbul. The main are: Eminou Balik Pazari, Galatasaray Balik Pazari and Kumkapi Balik Pazari. Let's visit Kumkapi district and its fish market.

At the pier of Kumkapi there are a lot of fishing boats and hordes of hungry gulls flying over them, striving to catch something tasty.

Sellers are putting fish for buyers.

Fish comes to the market in such boxes.

The sellers do not understand why someone wants to photograph fish, as someone in Russia would never understand Africans taking pictures of snow...


Look like snakes

They sell about 30 kinds of various fish

Some of them are really interesting.

Shrimps are sold too, of course!

Some oil and lemons....mmmm....

You may bring some bought fish to a local restaurant and ask them to cook it.

Well, well, well... How much is the fish?
10-20 liras / kg. Squid - 35 liras/ kg, salmon - 50 liras / kg. Not so cheap?

Restaurants where you may order any fish you like.

Prices, please!
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