Tank Junkyard in Eritrea

Perhaps the most interesting place in Eritrea. A kind of war apotheosis - Asmera, the tank junkyard. It's situated not far from the city and represents a big accumulation of old Ethiopic military hardware captured by the army of Eritrea - something like a museum under the open sky.

Notwithstanding the fact that the place is called the tank junkyard, there are actually not so many tanks here. The majority of the "exhibits" are lorries, trucks and other service vehicles. But the scope really impresses. It's interesting that some of the vehicles are quite new...

Inside the junkyard there are accurate "streets" between the twisted-bulk-walls.

The vehicles are basically of the Soviet manufacture. "We treat the Russians decently, despite the fact that they supplied the Ethiopian army with weapons" - say the locals. By the way, the army of Eritrea got weapons from Russia too.

The vehicles are carefully sorted by brands. Here is a pile of UAZ-469.

UaZ-452 "Bukhanka" ("The Brick-Bread")

Western vehicles can also be found here. These are old military Land Rovers.

A Boeing.

A stairway.

Old buses.

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