One Wedding And One Funeral

  Wedding and Funeral in Bali are perhaps the two events to which people prepare with special carefulness. The ceremonies both cost about $3000-4000. The ceremony is held in a monastery conducted by a local monk.
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The input in the "restaurant" is festively decorated.
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A banquet room. There are no tables - only chairs.
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A smorgasbord.

Even fruits are decorated.

balimarriage 5
The water is store-bought. Usual water may be used only for washing.

balimarriage 6
Pork shish kebab.

balimarriage 8
In each house is a family temple. The richer the family is - the bigger the temple. Here people pray in the morning. A morning prayer is not so long - about 5 minutes.

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The children are very cheerful and curious.
balimarriage 10
A widespread gesture of approval.

balimarriage 13
Musicians. Prayers are sung in 2 languages – ancient and modern Bali. There is a special singer for each language.
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A chancel.

balimarriage 15
The visitors are waiting for the ceremony. Here is a court yard of the groom. It’s big enough - one five hundred square meters.

balimarriage 16
The groom’s father. He’s a fisher. When he has free time he sings and plays in an orchestra at weddings and funerals.
balimarriage11 84
 Ashes are poured into a jar, carried to the nearest ocean coast and blown by the wind.
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