Irish Whiskey Production

Let's have a tour to one of the Irish distelleries and watch the curious process of wiskey production.

This vat is used for wort obtaining. Knives cut up malt flour mixed with hot water and then wring out all the water.

The process of fermentation is happening inside.

The most funny attraction usually ending in an alcoholic knockout is to slowly bow over the vat. An odor of alcohol turns out to be much stronger than you expect.

Copper pot stills. In Ireland destillation repeats 3 times while in Scotland - only 2.

Number 2 on the apparatus means that it serves for the second distillation. There is a spiral inside, and the operating principle greatly resembles the work of an electric kettle.

The pipe with a white sign interests guests most of all for some reason... Some of them are even willing to make a small hole in that pipe and stay living beside it.

Barrels... Many barrels. Each of them, previously containing "Bourbon" from Kentucky, can be used only 3 times. Their cost is about $100 apiece. And this distillery has about 200.000 barrels and produces 6.5 million liters of whiskey a year.

Each barrel is fired. The drink inside it retains the ability to breathe. Tiny pores in the wood allow oxygen to penetrate inside and oxidize ethanol. So whiskey acquires its wonderful taste.

Those who visit this factory for the first time usually sign a barrel. It will take 5 years for great whiskey to "mature" inside.

The barrel being pulled by one man goes to the warehouse where it will spend the next few years.

This is how a workshop looks.

A fascinating process of the movement of bottles.

The gleaming amber of whiskey.

All workers of Europe use earplugs. This is one of the mandatory working conditions.

Ready-made whisky is poured into barrels.

This probe is used for scooping and pouring whiskey into a glass The length of the probe is 1 meter...

Though the process looks incredibly beautiful, it takes much effort not to spill a drop of whiskey.

The whole range of drinks produced by the distillery.

Everything is ready for tasting. Glass caps hold the fragrance inside the glass.

The master of blending knows the secret of how to drink whiskey properly. The most important rule is to enjoy the taste. And it does not matter if you mix whiskey with cola or apple juice, add ice or water in it. The most important thing is that you liked it.

Tasting is held as follows. First you stir whiskey in a glass, then look as it flows down its walls, then sniff it, make a sip and savor. The master of blending also "listens" to whiskey.

After the first sip, you should add some water in it in order to "break" the surface of whiskey, and fill the glass with its flavor.

Continuing the topic of alcohol... Here are two more drinks which are worth mentioning. The first one is Harp, a real Irish lager with a wonderful taste.

And the second one is a lager produced by the "Guinness" company for the first time. It's sold only in Ireland now. 

Surrounding nature pacifies.

A small island near Bushmills connected with it by the rope bridge.

Walking along it - a real pleasure.

An old hut that had been built on the island even before the bridge appeared.

They say that Irish whiskey is designed for drinking, and the Scottish one - for washing the car. Maybe it's a joke, but maybe not...
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