Ontario Maple Syrup Festival

One of the main signs of Spring in Ontario is, of course, Maple Syrup Festival. Canada produces about 85% of the world's amount of maple syrup and, although, the most part is produced in Quebec, you won't be bored during Ontario festival either.

Maple juice is collected in the end of February and in the beginning of March and for 4-8 weeks more depending on weather conditions. 1,5 cm holes are made in trees from where through special device the juice flows down into a bucket.

From one to three buckets are used for tree depending on the trunk width.

Maple juice consists of 96% of water - it needs to be heated so that liquid evaporates.

To get a liter of syrup one has to process about 40 liters of juice. If you continue boiling the juice you can get sugar. This method was used before sugarcane was first delivered to Canada.

This man pours the juice into the vats.

Telling the history of syrup.

There is still a lot of water in this one.

And this is more concentrated already.

The waste.

The first and the most delicious syrup.

Treating the visitors.

One can try on the ancient yoke for carrying buckets.

This man tells about modern production. (Canada sells about 40,000 tons of syrup a year).

But the very technology didn't change much. To make the process easier such boilers containing 1200 liters have been invented.

Customary horse riding.
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