Dubai Sailors' Routine

On the shore of the old district Deira, there is Said port -  a quay for merchant ship coming to Dubai. Most sailors in the port are sleeping or just loitering around, but on the other hand Said port creates its own inimitable atmosphere.

The length of the port line is small, so sometimes sailors have to berth in 2,5 or even 7 ships from the pier.

A snapshot of the port from Google Map.

The ships stand very close to each other.

Sailors' suitcases are lying in one pile with office chairs and toys.

Anchors and rope.

That's how a ship ready for shipment looks like.

A companion cabin of quite a staid boat.

This is the "shower cabin" on one simple ship.

A semicircular construction on the stern is a toilet.

Another variant of a loo.

As it was already told, lots of sailors are just sleeping in different places and postures.

Those ships that don't have and automotized system of loading are loaded by human force.

This is, for example, the process of Hitachi refrigerator shipment.

Nearby sit a person responsible for the technics accounting.

A fishing pier. Fishing boats are far smaller than cargo ones.

Near the ships a couple of fishermen repair the old fishnet and web new ones.

The take is sent to local fish market, where everybody can buy fresh fish.

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