Place Full Of Illusions: The Dali Theatre and Museum

  The Dali Theater and Museum is located in the home town of Salvador Dali, Figueres in Catalonia. The museum opened in 1974, it houses the single largest and most diverse collection of Salvador Dali`s works, the heart of which was from the artist's own collection.

The way to Figueres.

Catalonia is famous for its wine. But sometimes vineyards may be in a sad condition.

It is rather easy to find the Dali Theater and Museum. Indications or a map will always help tourists. The museum has red walls decorated with golden details and a spherical dome that became a symbol not only of this town but also of all the country.

Previously this building was a ruined city theatre. The construction of the museum required 14 years and practically all Dali`s fortune.

"I want this museum to be a monolith, a maze, a huge surreal object. It would be an absolutely theatrical museum. Visitors would leave it thinking that they had seen a theater dream," - once said Dali.

The parquet and stage in the art deco style welcome visitors and invite them to the museum full of illusions and hints.

Not only museum but also every exhibit is saturated with abstractness and surrealism.

 The statue of painter Meissonier whom Dali admired.

Tristan and Iseult, 1944.

The yard with symmetric niches. There is a feeling of a world turned over, so you may feel giddy here.

The rainy taxi, 1938.

The museum has 2 floors, the upper one divides it into additional levels. The huge glass dome creates an atmosphere of an experiment, where a visitor is an experimental object.

The Barcelona model, 1927.

Picasso`s portrait, 1947.

Naked Gala

Abraham Lincoln, 1975. It was the first usage of digital methods in painting.

The decoration sketch for the Labyrinth ballet, 1941.

Another portrait of Gala.

Sex-appeal in ghost appearance, 1932.

A view from above.
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